Time to Dance!  

Join us this week, we have Salsa classes in Cork.

Salsa dancing in Athlone, have fun, meet new friends, keep fit.Don’t worry if you’ve never danced, we are here to teach you!

Join our beginners Salsa class at 8pm and be ready to have fun and move to the Latin music and rhythm.

No need to bring a partner, in our classes we change partners every few minutes, that way you will meet lots of people.

With Salsa Nation classes you pay as you go!

Our website is full of information for dancers at all levels. If you’ve never danced Salsa before why not take a minute to look at our “Salsa Explained” section? There you will find everything you want to know about your first dance class and about Salsa in general.

Not sure if Salsa is for you? Why not drop in and see one of our classes so that you can decide for yourself. Everyone is welcome!

Anthony Auffret

Hen Party

If you are looking for a dance class for a hen party we offer a Salsa class and a Dirty Dancing class. Both are specifically designed for Hen Parties.

If you are looking for an other dance styles for your hen party visit www.dancinghen.ie, there are more than a dozen different dance styles on offer there!